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 Véronique Sunatori, It Will Come Like a Wave, 2017 


A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe

Artist Veronique Sunatori and curator Jaclyn Quaresma transform Durham Art Gallery into an intersectional, trans-inclusive,

interplanetary, feminist science fiction reading room!


Art Gallery


Durham art gallery

cá cược bóng đá hợp pháp ở đâu

We are a non-profit, exhibition-driven space for contemporary art and visual culture in West Grey, Ontario. From our earliest incarnation in the local Carnegie library to our current purpose-built home, the Gallery’s evolution is marked by an engaged community and a diversifying landscape.

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Visitors & Letters |


250 George St E.

PO BOX 1021

Durham, Ontario


N0G 1R0 


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(519) 369 - 3692


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Tuesday - Friday


1 - 4 PM



 Entrance fee by  donation